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Giselle has planned a romantic afternoon to please the man she loves and she won't stop until he's fully satisfied.
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Autumn's is an infectiously sensual time of year and Hayden has certainly caught fall fever. Outside catching the last of the sun's rays before winter sets in, she can't help but feel soft, sexy and oh so feminine. What better way to celebrate the seasonâs hedonistic urgings than to indulge in a little self-appreciation? Slowly,slowly she builds her desire, caressing silky curves and dusky folds until her final surrender to fall's moods.
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Lana decided to go outside and get the feel of the fresh breeze while playing with herself. Enjoy this passionate babe in a scene of raw intensity!
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Katie's not only stunningly beautiful, her enthusiasm is totally irresistible. Here, she gives her lover the time of his life.
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Soft pink lace, sexily tousled, just been fucked black hair. Raven Rockette is hot, hot, hot! Beautifully curved unenhanced full breasts and a luscious ass and not to be missed is her, very cute, all natural, black thatched pussy (it highlights her delicate pink lady-parts so well.) She reminds me so much of the early 60s "Pin Up Girls" you'd see stuck on a workshop wall. Not one to waste time, within moments Raven has her fingers buried deep, 'till she's beside herself, raving with pleasure. "Uunhh mmm fuck yeah". Exceedingly hot!
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Courtney wants to start the new year on the right foot so she set up the perfect night for her lover!
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The voluptuous Stacey decided to stay in bed today. She's not getting up until she's good and ready.
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Marika and Richie are  a young couple, enjoying their first sexual exploration, slowly, almost painfully slow, making the moment last ...drawing out every sexual nuance,the tension mounts and repressed desire takes its toll as they erupt in an explosion of ecstasy.
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Rylie and her lover share a tender moment in the bask of dusk's fading lights.
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Jazz and intricate carvings, black lace, platinum blond hair and cherry red nails blend together to create the perfect bit of Babe's erotica. Garters stretched across Danielle's perfectly round ass, her flowing tresses sexily tousled from an afternoon sleep, highlight jade green eyes that gaze directly into yours and promise to get your blood flowing in the right direction. Playfully tweaking her nipples and love bud,  the irresistible  force of her passion bursts into full flame and she cum's in a heart throbbing orgasm.  If classic erotica is your thing this scene is not to be missed.
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Enjoy Alaina's mesmerizing performance in this Christmas themed HD scene!
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The sun's kiss is not the only source of heat here, the stunning Logan returns in another hot solo offering.
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Shay has a taste for a little slap and tickle; unsurprisingly, she also has a fascination with her all natural 36D breasts. Fondling herself in the great outdoors, a little sun, a soft breeze and the spicy sting of the odd slap it's no wonder she cums with such sweet urgency.
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Bree spreads and savors every morsel of her ecstasy in this hot solo scene.
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Sharon Lee is an exceptionally beautiful Asian woman, cast against a background of warm textures and sweeping violins that lend this scene a serene and sensual quality that's impossible to ignore. Watch Sharon and Richie as they slowly kindle the fires of their desire and bring each other to heart throbbing orgasms that imply more affection than simple acting might account for. A compelling example of Babes finest erotica, we  give it the highest recommendation.
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Elizabeth plays in the water on a hot summer day.
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Watch true passion unfold as Callie and her man give each other to love's embrace.
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Welcome newcomer Alaina Fox by watching this hot solo perfomance. Stick around, it won't take long to see how foxy this babe is.
4320 Views (1 Vote)
Goddess Emma Mae sets the screen ablaze with a sumptuous tease. Can you feel it? Are you feeling warmer?
4177 Views (2 Votes)
After a hard day of work, Brandy and her lover share a moment of slow and passionate sex.
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Layla has the most striking features: a fit body with large breast, a perfectly tanned skin and a smile that will make you melt. Here she reaches orgasm for your greatest enjoyment.
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With her dark features and a spicy sensuality, Megan Salinas makes a debut on you won't soon forget.
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Blond tresses, green eyes and a generous mouth framed in shades of delicate pink. Mia is babe with a gorgeous body, but no one's around to appreciate it. Oh well, mornings are a fine time to spend remembering past moments of joy. Reflection gains substance as her fingers trace the echoes of her lovers caresses; around her breasts, along her thighs, into her moist crevasse and finally to plunge over the edge into the abyss of orgasm.
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Jessie and Angelica double your pleasure by doubling their pleasure.
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Tiffany Fox, one of our favourite Babes, is back in this sensual scene where she and her boyfriend have hot and passionate sex.
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Breathless kissing as the sun drops behind the ocean has to be one of life's most romantic moments; Heather and Chad succumb to the mood and head indoors to take full advantage of their rising passions. Sexual advances lead to Heather kneeling on the couch, her gorgeous ass poised in the air she lavishes Chad with her oral attentions. Classic Babes erotica. You should watch it!
3326 Views (1 Vote)
Beautiful babes Hayden and Malena finger each other until the orgasm.
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Holly and her lover plays in bed when Holly decides to give him a slow and warm blowjob. Follows an intense love session.
3287 Views (1 Vote)
Karina invites her lover to share an afternoon of passionate sex.
3141 Views (1 Vote)
Buckle up, watch on as the buxomy duo of Natalia and Layla break the speed limit while taking on some dangerous curves.
3059 Views (1 Vote)
Throbbing beats and red hot lace, stunningly beautiful Kiera luxuriates in the feel of fresh air on alabaster skin. Caught in the slatted light of the late afternoon sun and evening breezes Ms. Winters fingers climb a slow circle to throbbing orgasm.
2939 Views (1 Vote)
Soft focus, angelic face, a perfect body, and hints of aqua blue make the perfect setting for this classic Babes solo scene. Beautiful Cassie Laine plays with herself under cover, leaving your imagination to run wild, until bearing all and with the help of her favorite toy she cums in an explosion of throbbing ecstasy. Deliciously provocative!
2939 Views (3 Votes)
Gorgeous Nikilee display all of her charms in this sensual masturbation session.
2884 Views (1 Vote)
Passion and pleasure fervently crash upon the shore, washing over Brandy and her man in this sensuous scene.
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"What's it gonna take, we've been here for hours and all he does is play on his tablet", wonders Henessy. Time for a babe to take matters into her own hands. A few seductive glances and soon Gery has his hands full of juicy ass and perky tits. Oh! Did I mention she was gonna take things in hand? Indeed she does and quite nicely I might add.
2808 Views (1 Vote)
New Year's Eve is a time when magic can happen, unexpected, spontaneous. Two babes dancing together at a party, barriers down and inhibition flung to the wind, clothing soon follows suit. Teasing, testing, the ladies egg each other on. Oblivious to the other reveler's Cassie and Logan explore each other's curves and mouths. Tongue tangled kisses turn subtle caresses into escalating sensuality,giggles and glitter-spangled thighs.
2729 Views (1 Vote)
Change is in the air. Watch Kiera please her man in her debut couples scene.
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You can feel the temperature rising to a slow boil in this erotic scene between Megan Salinas and her boyfriend. To beat the heat, Megan strips off item after item of clothing and lets them fall to the floor. But it doesn't help. Her only relief comes from grinding her hips into Giovanni's crotch. His lust builds until he can't handle it anymore, and bends the little Latina over a dresser.
2667 Views (1 Vote)
Enjoy Ally's soft skin and all natural body while she plays with herself in her luminous loft.
2656 Views (2 Votes)
Any chance she can get, Brea Bennett fires up her cherry-red Mustang and takes off solo into the countryside. Feeling the powerful engine hum under the hood, vibrations whirring through the steel with every rev, sends a rush of lust to her flawless pussy. Today, her excitement built to a fever pitch, and Brea just had to pull off to the side and have an erotic moment all to herself.
2634 Views (1 Vote)
No one knows how to satisfy the ravenous Rockette like herself. Watch as this all natural beauty tames the insatiable.
2613 Views (0 Votes)
Molly is irresistible in her cute summer dress, but it is nothing compared to what lies underneath. Come and find out for yourself.
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The beautiful and busty Katerina shares an afternoon of passion with a lucky man.
2585 Views (2 Votes)
Nikki slowly unveils all of her charms in this sensual HD scene.
2568 Views (2 Votes)
Abigaile is one of the finest natural beauty we've ever seen, some might use the word ''perfection'' to describe her. In this gorgeous solo scene she welcomes us in her sensual universe.
2547 Views (1 Vote)
Erika's tight body is a perfect fit for her husband, this hot blonde knows exactly how bring her man to orgasm.
2541 Views (0 Votes)
Jodi has a sensational body and she knows exactly how to use it in this beautiful HD scene.
2461 Views (0 Votes)
A lover's spat can be a real pain, but thank goodness there's make-up sex. "Sorry baby" may not quite be enough, but most women will warm up  if you put in a little effort and shower them with affection, especially when that affection is showered on their softer places. See!  Zoey's warming up already. Now for the hard parts!
2456 Views (2 Votes)
A beautiful woman adorned with numerous tats and piercings, the most interesting of which, enters her chest just beside her left clavicle and exits between her breasts and a very creative star pattern tattoo stretching from her belly to her bum, that puts me in mind of Dr. Seuss's, "Star Bellied Sneetches", though I doubt Shae is what the good doctor had in mind.  Putting that aside, this scene is a soft summer breeze type, with a twist! Shae has brought a toy along to keep her company and chase the lonelies away. A very nice bit of cultural stroking material. Watch it; it'll keep you from getting too lonely.
2440 Views (2 Votes)
Charming Sally Charles gets her pussy all wet in this beautiful outdoor scene, enjoy this true moment of pleasure.
2408 Views (1 Vote)
Rylie knows how hard her lover works all day so she came up with a little suprise  for him...
2385 Views (2 Votes)
These two natural beauties don't wait for breakfast, watch as they indulge in each others tantalizing curves.
2381 Views (3 Votes)
Saturday Morning, Chad kisses Valerie awake, "time to wake up baby" Mmmm that's rather yummy, but more would be better she thinks. Unzipping his fly, she gets his attention. Oh my! What's for breakfast? Ahhh, warm cum!
2350 Views (1 Vote)
There's something wonderfully ultra erotic about watching a woman straddle another woman's face to be tongued and licked, especially when these babes are new to the sharing of womanly pleasures. You find yourself looking closely for the telltale clues of authentic desire and they're there for sure; erect nipples, urgent slick fingers, hungry mouths. Dani and Ivana take you on a whirlwind tour of lady-loves first blush.
2314 Views (0 Votes)
Sometimes getting your man's attention can be hard work, especially after a hard day at the office. Natalia has a few strokes for getting noticed that work admirably well. After all, slowly dragging your tongue down his...well, you get the idea. To get a real feel you need to watch the scene, it's an outstanding piece of art-porn and the kind of tastefully executed glamcore you've come to expect from Babes.
2269 Views (0 Votes)
Brett and Dani are playing cards, but soon they realize there's a more exciting game they'd rather play...
2268 Views (0 Votes)
Surely this babe has the most perfect breasts and the sweetest moans in the business?  Mouths filled with each other, the garden patio echoes to the sound of Teal's mounting pleasure. Grasping hands and bottoms rocking to the thrust of desire they come together in a symphony of ecstasy.  Babes at its best, erotic romance like no other.
2258 Views (1 Vote)
A seamless window overlooks the panorama of a paradise valley, but that's not the only paradise valley in this scene, as Lexi and Richie are quick to discover. Richie's kisses and tongue, her mouth engulfing him, unleashes a flood in her valley and before you can say "I'm Cuming" they're deep in paradise valley for real.
2257 Views (1 Vote)
Golden tresses cascade down her crystal glistened neck, flashing gold in the amber light, as Liz Ashley lays down to play with her flawless pussy. She drops her rust-colored dress to the floor and sends a hand down south to explore her hottest spots. You'll be captivated by Liz's sensual seduction as she makes love to herself in the sultriest part of the afternoon.
2251 Views (1 Vote)
The fair Hayden won't stop until she and all of her fans are satisfied, inside & out.
2246 Views (0 Votes)
Jamie strips, teases, and pleases in this scorcher of a solo scene.
2229 Views (1 Vote)
The beautiful Cassie Laine takes a break from the summer heat in this arousing solo performance.
2223 Views (2 Votes)
Malena's awe-inspiring beauty will seduce you at the first glance. Enjoy watching her in this true masterpiece.
2164 Views (0 Votes)
New to, the beautiful and voluptuous Stacie Jaxxx aims to impress in this sensual couples scene.
2164 Views (0 Votes)
Enjoy Amber's amazing body in this sensual HD scene.
2155 Views (1 Vote)
Dani really enjoys her lover's huge cock, watch them have a torrid sex evening.
2139 Views (1 Vote)
A day in Provence, antique country cottage, field stone walls, chintz curtains in brushed greens and gold complement Leyla's, perky  tits, classic oval face and milk white skin reflected in the midday light. His hands sliding under panties. Her mouth engulfing his member, Leyla lavishes him with her oral affections. Returning the favor he spoons her to perfection, pleasuring her clit while he enters her from behind.
2117 Views (1 Vote)
Khyanna's tight body looks incredible in her blue undies.  She slowly takes it off only to reveal perfection.
2097 Views (0 Votes)
On a beautiful morning Jenna gets so horny she won't even undress before she takes her lover inside of her.
2063 Views (0 Votes)
Lexi knows exactly how to make the most of her time with boyfriend.
2048 Views (1 Vote)
Weeping figs, white blooms and a summer's day set the stage for this classic Babes scene.  Parting her folds with his tongue, Ryan's oral attention to India's intimate cleft has her bucking with heat, his expression a testimony to the pleasure India's moist mouth returns. A fine bit of erotica, well worth watching.
2027 Views (0 Votes)
Beautiful Victoria has been waiting all day for her husband to come home. When he finally arrives, she decides to show him just how much she missed him.
2027 Views (0 Votes)
Two stunning babes relax together,enjoying a nice massage. Oh let's get rid of these bras, they're so in the way. Yummy soft and perky.  Mmmm nice ass too. OMG that feels so good. Yes, yes...right there...don't stop! Watch Casey and Niki as the explore each other's erogenous zones and get extremely turned on. It may spark a few ideas of your own
2016 Views (1 Vote)
Things get really hot in this video, gorgeous babes Iwia and Bella Baby get it on with one lucky man. They won't stop until everyone's fantasy is satisfied!
2015 Views (0 Votes)
A Woman in front of a mirror is compelled to check out her assets, it's only natural to want to know if you're still as hot as ever. Pleased by what she sees, Natalie continues getting ready for the big date. First let's shave the legs...all the way up. Next the bath. "Gosh the water feels so sexy and the soap makes me so slippery, she thinks." Hmm, seems her bath may take a little longer than expected. Watch to find out why.
1972 Views (1 Vote)
Finally moved, boxes unpacked and things put where they belong. Alec comes across Nikki gazing out the upstairs hall window. Hi, he smiles, Hi baby, she smiles back. A bit of cuddling and nuzzling turns into kisses that soar to the heights of intimacy.  He takes Nikki willingly up against the hall walls. Well, she says smiling, we weren't thinking blowjobs in the hall, when we bought the place, were we!
1970 Views (0 Votes)
The voluptuous Rockell unleashes her dangerous curves in this steamy solo performance.
1953 Views (1 Vote)
Kyanna reveals he perfect body as she strips slowly, but it is just a beginning...
1947 Views (1 Vote)
Imagine Cassie and Shyla are two glossy haired, medieval, princesses closeted away in some castle keep. Relaxing after a hard day of royal duties, a soothing backrub escalates into; panties sliding down satin cheeks, amidst a flurry of soft kisses on curvaceous globes. Mmmm! What a gorgeous ass, thinks Shyla as she drags her tongue down the dusky cleft. Toe licking that erupts into playful giggles and laughter quickly turns seductive as Shyla bends her head between Cassie's spread legs to softly kiss and suck her royal clit
1909 Views (0 Votes)
New Year's Eve and the party's raging, but Alexis is having a hard time catching anyone's attention. Hmm... maybe if I lift my dress a little here and drop it a little there, she thinks. Nope! No such luck. Midnight strikes and the party is over. Well, not quite...amidst glitter and sparkle, balloons and string,  Alexis surrenders to her lust, determined to bring in the New Year with a bang, even if it is, all by herself.
1908 Views (1 Vote)

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